Film Forum Jr.: Little Fugitive

Brooklynite Richie Andrusco’s on the run from the cops after the accidental shooting of his big brother — only trouble is, Richie’s only seven, the “shooting” was just a dumb ketchup-splashed gag by his brother and cronies, and Mom won’t be back from Grandma’s till the next day. But with six bucks in his pocket…

The Little Match Girl

Witness the musical premiere of The Little Match Girl, the iconic story by Hans Christian Anderson comes to life. On New Years Eve, the Little Match Girl sells matches to support her family. Cold and alone, her wondrous imagination takes her away from the harsh realities and struggles of her daily life. Armed with match sticks and music,…

New Territories

Try traditional Hong Kong sweets with a bit of New York flavor. Choose from over a dozen unique hand-crafted artisan ice cream flavors in delicious bubble waffle cones (available in classic, chocolate, sesame, rose tea and more) or extravagant milkshakes with lots of photogenic toppings Small, bright space with limited stool seating and cheery artwork.

Show Up, Kids!

In a fun, interactive twist on traditional kids shows, the main attraction doesn’t show up, so improvisor Peter Michael Marino (formerly the hilarious villain in Pip”s Island)  makes one up on the spot and has the kids (and adults) help write, direct, and design it. What could possibly go wrong? Lots, of course, in this…

WonderSpark Puppets Takeover

See family-friendly puppet shows about dinosaurs, big bad wolves, dragons, and princesses saving the day. Show changes each week. Saturday-Sunday 11 am & 1 pm Recommended for ages 3+

Sloomoo Institute

Explore a sensory playground centered around slime. Play with beautiful and seemingly endless vats full of slime, relax in an immersive tunnel, enter a glow-in-the-dark cove,  and create at a 150-foot long DIY bar Wear clothes that can get messy. Every ticket comes with an 8-oz. custom slime and other surprises.

Museum of Ice Cream

Celebrate all things ice cream at the return of the sweet pop up that started then trend. This new permanent location has 13 interactive installations across 3 floors, the biggest sprinkle pool ever, a three-story slide and lots of ice cream to try. The first few rooms are not that exciting, but kids love the…

Samsung 837

Experience cutting edge technology including virtual reality demos and an immersive, interactive digital art room in a spacious, high-design spot with a French cafe.

The Rink

Eat, dink and skate at a winter dreamscape under the High Line with rainbow trees and a small street-side ice rink. Easy and fun, though we were warned to watch out for drunk skaters if we come back at night :)⁠ Free penguin skate aids for small beginners and free weekly lessons. Cozy up rinkside…

Icebreakers – Skate School

Take weekly professional lessons on the Standard High Line’s street-side The Rink Wednesday 4 pm (kids only) & Saturdays 10 am (kids + adults), Cozy up rinkside with seasonal favorites including mulled wine, tomato soup + grilled cheese, and kid-friendly macaroni & cheese, burgers, hot cocoa, sweet treats and s’mores.

Love Crickets, Save the Planet

See a live cricket farm installation in conjunction with exhibit Home Sweet Home: Is a Home a Sanctuary?.  Explore the question “what is a home?” by considering how we might invite bugs into our homes as friends instead of foes. Includes functioning cricket farms, original animations that explore cooking with crickets, kinesthetic cricket dancing with…

Pete the Cat

When Pete the Cat gets caught rocking out after bedtime, the cat-catcher sends him to live with the Biddle family to learn his manners –– and boy are they square! But for the groovy blue cat, life is an adventure no matter where you wind up, so the minute Pete walks in the door, he…

Family Workshop: Masquerade Venetian Carnival

The Carnival of Venice is world renowned for elaborate and colorful masks and for the ancient theatrics of the Commedia dell’Arte. In this workshop, participants will make their own character masks and watch a performance by the Kairos Italy Theater in English and Italian.

Taste the Clouds

Can you touch the stars? See the music? Taste the clouds? Join an adventure as a young girl learns to harness her imagination and use her senses to better understand the world around her. Take a journey of the senses through shadow puppetry, live music, and immersive theater. Join pre-show activities and post-show photo-ops with…

The Art of Chinese New Year

Explore the Lunar New Year holiday and the related traditional visual and performing arts in a vibrant, interactive art experience for all ages. Experience the sights and sounds of the holiday through displays, artist workshops, and hands-on activities. Learn about nianhua (New Year pictures), spring couplets, and papercutting. A showcase on the art of shadow puppetry will features…

Brookfield Place Saturday Morning Show: Sweetbeatz & Cardone the Magician

At 10 am, Sweetbeatz songbird Meredith Wright leads a sweet and soulful, edgy and energetic musical adventure inspired by the hustle bustle of city life. At 11 am, join Cardone the Magician for a magic show that both kids and adults will find mystifying and exciting. Part of a weekly series in Hudson Eats (with…

The Skyscraper Museum Family Program: Supertalls of the Future

Skyscrapers keep climbing higher! After a brief tour of the new exhibit, Supertall 2020, kids will take on the role of master planners as they design a future city. Ages 6-10. RSVP required

Imagination Playground

This magical interactive, transformable playground lets kids create their own play space with sand, water, giant foam blocks, mats, wagons, fabric, and crates at their fingertips. Great view of the East River and bathrooms.

10 Corso Como

Find striking modern design among historic cobblestones at former editor and publisher Carla Sozanni’s visionary concept store. Atriking interiors designed by American artist Kris Ruhs, host a quirky store, gallery, bar and Italian restaurant.

Wavefield, Variation O

Play on a series of interactive, glowing seesaws designed to bring people together and light up the night. Each of eight seesaws of varying sizes has its own temperament and musical vocabulary, ready to be activated with sound and light by passerbys of all ages.