Ellington In The Park

A beach-themed restaurant looking over the Hudson River is fun for all ages. Enjoy drinks, live music, big-screen TVs, and fresh food by Chef John Loughran of Ellington on Broadway and Banc Cafe.

The top-level bar of Ellington in the Park is made from a repurposed shipping container, and the lower-level lounge area is adjacent…

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NYC Ferry

Travel by state-of-the-art ferry to stops in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island along the East River and Hudson River.

Indoor and outdoor seating. Charging stations, concessions, AC/heat and stroller parking available onboard.

Travel time varies, from 20 to 60 minutes. Ferry frequency differs by stop; see the online schedules.

Some family-friendly…

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Revolutionary War Grand Encampment

Meet members of armies on both sides of the Revolutionary War and experience camp life demonstrations and military drills including Marching and Manual of Arms, Musket Firing and Flintlock Forearms.

Explore a recreated mid-19th Century American village set on more than 200 acres.

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1863 Independence Day Celebration

Celebrate Independence Day as it was observed in the 1860, with a parade at 2:30 pm. Enjoy historic craft demonstrations, contra dancing, storytelling, military drills, fiddle music and brass band concerts on a recreated mid-19th Century American village set on more than 200 acres

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The Food That Made Us

Honor the creativity, cultural expression, and community-building power of food with I Stand With Immigrants. Try original recipes by celebrated chefs – including Joanne Chang, Tom Colicchio, Byron Gomez, Christine Ha, and Hawa Hassan – for their favorite dishes, inspired by their own immigrant heritage.

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Spring Fling Day Cruise

Take a 30-mile cruise up the mighty Hudson River to 800 foot-tall Hook Mountain, across from the famed Sing Sing Prison, while enjoying vernal sights and a spring-themed experience, including food specials, special beers (available for purchase) and live music.

Enjoy spring sun, fresh air and 360-degree views from large outdoor decks. Cruise north under…

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