Sweet Cats Cafe

Enjoy a selection of bubble teas, sweet treats and arcade games and a cute pink and pastel shop. Play claw machines for $1-$3 for adorable plushie prizes to put in your pink shopping cart.

Try specialty colorful drinks like Tinkle Bell (Kiwi), Purple Paradise (Lychee & Lemon), and Frozen Volcano (Dragonfruit) and a vast menu…

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Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso 1931 Café

Travel back to 1931 when the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso was launched at an Art Deco pop-up cafe with exquisite black, white and gold decor. Order artisanal coffees (and hot chocolate) plus made-to-order pastries created by French chef Nina Métayer, echoing the Art Deco aesthetic and featuring ingredients from Switzerland’s Vallée de Joux, the home of…

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il laboratorio del gelato

Choose from 48 classic and creative flavors of creamy, dense gelato and sorbet, as well as sundaes and shakes at a ‘lab’ where flavor creation and recipe development take center stage. This provider of hand-crafted, small-baach gelato for top NYC chefs and restaurants uses high-quality ingredients, from vanilla beans to purple ube to avocado, sourced…

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National Mustard Day Doughnuts

Bakers have crafted donuts with many flavors over the course of their delicious history, but there’s just one thing they’ve never been glazed with: our presence.

On National Mustard Day, Dough puts a tangy twist on the breakfast classic with French’s Mustard Donuts. Try at any NYC Dough Doughnuts locations (Flatiron, Rockefeller Center, Brooklyn, Astoria,…

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Funny Face Bakery

The artistry is amazing on these pop culture frosted sugar cookies – choose from NYC icons, celebrity faces, pizza rat, iphones, clever phrases and so much more. Custom creations available for anything (or any face- just upload a photo). Watch cookie artists at work behind the counter in the cute purple dream of the store.…

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This award-winning bakery specializes in that magic intersection between savory & sweet. Don’t miss the somehow vegan salted chocolate chip and salted peanut butter cookie (they like their salt and make magic with it). Try cupcake and scones in seasonal and classic flavors, flavored shortbread, muffins, quiches and more.

Women-owned with a diverse, friendly staff…

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