Sweet Cats Cafe

Enjoy a selection of bubble teas, sweet treats and arcade games and a cute pink and pastel shop. Play claw machines for $1-$3 for adorable plushie prizes to put in your pink shopping cart.

Try specialty colorful drinks like Tinkle Bell (Kiwi), Purple Paradise (Lychee & Lemon), and Frozen Volcano (Dragonfruit) and a vast menu…

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Shipwrecked Brooklyn

Play an indoor 18-hole miniature golf course and go on an adventure through four pirate-themed areas complete with theatrical scenery, lights, and sound. Use a bag of gold tokens ($5) to bring the story to life through animatronics, video, and special effects as you make your way through the course. The course is ADA compliant…

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Holiday Winter Putterland

Play through a mini golf course surrounded by holiday lights, decorations, music, and special effects. Lots of photo-ops and specialty drinks for the adults and fun for all ages.

Go on an adventure through 4 themed areas complete with theatrical scenery, lights, and sound.  Use a bag gold tokens ($5) to bring the story to…

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Beat The Bomb

Suit up in hazmat gear, dodge lasers, and crack codes in a 1 hour video game escape room with a signature paint bomb ending. Take on Hack Attack, Laser Maze, Echo Chamber and Floor Grid, before reaching the bomb room game Cyberbot where you must drive a bomb-disposal robot through a maze to acquire the…

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Pumpkin Smash

Watch two trebuchets launch (and smash) pumpkins, gourds, and jack o’ lanterns into a compost pile. Also explore the lovely, extensive grounds and gardens of a historic mansion with public art and a Lenape wigwam.


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Frying Pan Brooklyn Game Room

Play Ping Pong, Skeeball, air hockey and arcade style games in a colorful retro-style game room.

Eat lobster rolls, poke tacos at the New England-inspired seafood-focused Frying Pan next door or check out diverse food options throughout Industry City.

Friday- Sunday 12–2:30 pm & 3-5:30 pm

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