Learn cool stuff about science, technology, engineering & math with fun videos, interactive websites and podcasts. Also see our favorite math picture books and resources for reading/writing and history.


Watch short, well-written animated films on a variety of topics including antiracism & Black history, STEM, arts, math and much more starring a very funny robot. Take quizzes and play games to test what you learned. Two editions, for ages K-3 or 4th -12th Grade (which can thoughtfully address some weighty topics, so monitor…

Crazy Science Online

Try fun and educational science projects for pre-K through 5th grade with a free live streaming science class with a local provider. More (paid classes) available throughout the week.

Mathemagic with a Deck of Cards

Amaze and amuse family and friends armed with just a deck of cards and a little insider knowledge, thanks to blogger, author, and Spelman College math professor Colm Mulcahy. Professor Mulcahy will demonstrate, explain, and teach several original mathemagical creations that will highlight the power of mathematics to educate and entertain. BYOC (Bring Your Own…

SpaceFest at Home

Tune in to an online festival with the American Museum of Natural History to celebrate the first US human mission to space in almost a decade.  Watch the SpaceX Crew Dragon launch live from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center with commentary from Hayden Planetarium Director Neil deGrasse Tyson, Museum astrophysicist Jackie Faherty, and Museum Curator Michael Shara as they discuss the future…


Learn about a range of subjects for grades K-12 though catchy, educational hip-hop songs. Watch videos about math, history, science and more, learn new words, take quizzes then (this is the coolest part) write short raps/songs using your new words and knowledge.


Watch short videos taught by excellent instructors with an electronic whiteboard in just about any subject for preschool through college.

The free Khan Academy Kids app (for ages 2-7) teaches reading, language, writing, math, social-emotional development, and more through open-ended activities and games like drawing, storytelling, and coloring guided by adorable animal characters.



Find online courses for pre-K to sixth grade+ with four separate learning experiences, each built around a  meaningful story or video.

Subjects include social studies; English language arts; STEM; science; and social-emotional learning.


Science mysteries like ‘What is the most dangerous animal in the world?’ and the topical ‘How does hand sanitizer kill germs?’ are explored with images, entertaining videos and opportunities for discussion. Ends with simple hands-on activities designed with easy-to-find supplies.


Learn about animals, science, geography and more with videos, games, quizzes and great photos. We love the ‘Weird but True’ facts about everything from Star Wars to eyebrows. Bright and simple enough for toddlers but interesting enough for tweens & teens (and a parents).


The author of The Grapes Of Math and Math-terpieces: The Art of Problem-Solving Greg Tang brings his innovative approach to math online with highly visual games, animated books and downloadable materials that encourage creative problem solving. Difficulty levels can be adjusted for just about every age.


Engage in math battles with whimsical characters in an engaging curriculum-aligned math game (also available as an iOS app). Explore an animated world, collect magical pets and fight bad guys. Feels like a (simple) video game but math questions must be answered before striking battle. Questions are adaptive and personalized based on student’s answers.…

 Storytime from Space

Watch astronauts on the International Space Station read space-themed picture books. Also see videos of educational science demonstrations like an exploration of Newton’s Law of Motion in space.

The Davidson Institute At Home

The educational arm of Israel’s  Weizmann Institute of Science offers online kids science courses, videos, games, puzzles, quizzes and science experiments in fun topics like the science of soccer and (safe) homemade explosives.


Learn about the “Ologies” – anthropology, astronomy, microbiology etc. through animated and live videos, games, stories, and suggestions for hands-on activities on this award-winning website/app from the American Museum of Natural History. Other online features include virtual museum tours, video trips through the universe, science quizzes and more.



Practice math with fun graphics and a silly hippo captain. Complete digital problem sets and play engaging games to earn coins that can be redeemed for virtual pets and backgrounds. Personalized daily learning paths and adaptive, gradual skill progression keep kids learning but not frustrated. Limited instruction but great for daily practice with over 400…


Find tons of games, activities, experiments and projects from Queen’s New York Hall of Science. At-Home STEM resources encourage open-ended exploration and imaginative learning. Learn about physics, engineering, design, biology, math, chemistry and more with videos, instructions for experiments and art projects, interactive graphic novels, engaging apps and more.

Time for Kids

Read engaging articles on science, current events, money and more in  TIME for Kids weekly magazines in a digital library, temporarily free for all. Also find teaching materials with links to printable PDFS, quizzes, suggested activities and videos.

For grades K-8.

Schoolhouse Rock

Learn about multiplication tables, grammar, science, American history, computers, economics, environmentalism and more with short music videos created from 1973-2009. Clever lyrics, catching tunes and amusing animations introduce concepts  from conjunctions to women’s suffrage  to the electoral college .

Available on Amazon & Disney Plus (plus some on YouTube).…

Beat Division and Dance

Join award-winning Living Colour drummer Will Calhoun in a unique online musical experience from MoMath featuring live performance and interactive activities. Includes mixing and matching rhythms and patterns, creating sonic equations that encourage participation through dance, hand-clapping, or simply listening and enjoying.  Open the door to independence and ambidexterity during this shared online musical experience…

Fashionable Folds

Join engineer-turned-artist and fashion designer Uyen Nguyen as she discusses some of her favorite topics in mathematics, how she uses those mathematical concepts to design origami, and, in some cases, uses the origami artwork to create fashion. Learn about foldable equations, the Fibonacci sequence, fractals, space-filling curves, and convex uniform tilings, all against the backdrop…

[NORY] Virtual Playdate

Play and socialize with friends in a remote robot competition. Control robots inside the NORY Lab and engage friends in games of robot soccer and battle bots. All matches will include live commentary from the NORY Team and focus on social engagement with peers.

Word Patterns: Pinwheels, Tessellations, and Ambigrams

Find out what calligraphy and logo design have to do with geometry and mathematical patterns with mathematical artist and puzzle designer Scott Kim. In this highly participatory online event, make patterns out of the written word. Duplicate letters to make pinwheels, repeat words to tile the plane, and draw ambigrams that read the same upside…

NYSCI Design-Make-Play Innovation Camps

Join New York Hall of Science Instructors for fun-filled virtual camps designed to explore a variety of science concepts, build problem solving and communication skills and inspire the next generation of innovators. Each week-long camp includes live science demonstrations, interactive activities using simple household materials, physical movement and social games.

Hudson River Park Virtual Summer Camp

Join HRPK for weekly live video sessions to discuss animal life in and around the Hudson river, see dynamic demonstrations, and ask questions. Assigned projects can be uploaded to share.

Lessons accessible online anytime.

Brain Chase

Join an educational global treasure hunt with with animated adventures around the world. Complete weekly work in three subjects of your choice, including math, reading, typing, baking, art, coding, engineering and more, then solve clues to locate a real treasure worth $1,000. No live instruction but lots of well-designed on and off-screen learning and getting…

MoMath Transformations

Experience the richness of mathematics with America’s only museum dedicated to math. Explore cool areas of mathematics not covered in school through interactive (online) education sessions, creative projects, and supervised independent activities. Themes include “From Caves to the Cosmos,” “Beautiful Symmetry,” “The Math of Sports,” “The Next Dimension,” and “Crazy Cubes.” Early registration recommended.

Varsity Tutors Online Classes

Take free live K-12 online classes in a variety of subjects such as “Intro to Spanish for Kids”, “Coolest Women in History”, “Java Programming Basics”, and “The Story of Your Favorite Fairy Tales”. Choose from daily classes and week-long half-day summer camps in subjects like foreign languages, chess, theater, coding, Minecraft, how to be a…


Wow in the World

Join hosts Guy Raz and the hilarious Mindy Thomas on a journey into the wonders of the world. Go inside brains, out into space and deep into the coolest new stories in science and technology – with lots of wacky fun along the way. One of our family’s faves.


Radiolab for Kids

Find family-friendly content from Radiolab, one of the most beloved podcasts in the world.  From “What do dogs see when they look at the rainbow?” to “Do animals laugh?” the topics are squeaky clean (mostly) and all about science and curiosity.