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Feeling a little too rowdy (or cheap) for a museum? See art you can touch, embrace, walk over and around at NYC’s many site-specific art installations or at one our amazing public libraries. Use what you saved in admission fees to treat yourself to a neighborhood snack.
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Ben Jones: Road Trip II & KATSU Memory Foam

The Hole
312 Bowery

Through Jan 28

See two striking exhibits at innovative art gallery The Hole. Experience driving through the American West as imagined by Japanese video game designers in the 80s as imagined by artist Ben Jones in immersive video piece Road Trip II. In Memory Foam new media artist KATSU looks deeper at how machine learning is outstripping emotional intelligence using drone paintings, wallpaper, AI criminal portraits and a new VR piece.

Sea of Light: An Interactive Journey Through Light and Sound

Seaport District
Fulton & Front Streets

Through Feb 5

The Sea of Light installation will be like no winter light show you have ever seen before. Sea of Light is a fully immersive sensory adventure of light and sound activated by proximity and touch. Spheres of various sizes, ranging up to nine feet in height, will be illuminated with warm-colored light from over 150,000 LED bulbs, and will react to various movement and sound patterns. Each individual interaction will provoke a unique lighting pattern that makes for a rare winter art experience.

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors by Ai Weiwei

Washington Square Park
5th Avenue & Washington Square North

Through Feb 11

Acclaimed Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei conceived this multi-site, multi-media exhibition for public spaces, monuments, buildings, transportation sites, and advertising platforms throughout New York City as a passionate response to the global migration crisis and a reflection on the profound social and political impulse to divide people from each other. Find site-specific art throughout the boroughs, with large scale interactive installations made from security fence at the SE corner of Central Park, Washington Square Park, Harlem bus stops and the Unisphere in Flushing Meadows Corona Park Queens.

[Zip:Unzip the Future] Immersive Media Art Show

3LD Art & Technology Center
80 Greenwich Street

Through Feb 15

Nine immersive video & audio experience by nine Chinese media artists, each with a different theme, have been “zipped” together, and then “unzipped” into a richly imaginative field of collective consciousness. All of the works continuously break and rebuild the sense of time and space through synesthetic, multi-sensory provocations. Be transported through and immersed in multiple imagined universes. As trippy as it sounds.

Fearless Girl Statue

Bowling Green Park
Broadway & Whitehall

Through Feb 28

A bronze statue of a defiant girl facing off with the famous Charging Bull on Wall Street was installed by assat-manager State Street Global Advisors as part of a initiative to increase the number of women on their clients’ corporate boards.


High Line 14th Street Passage
Tenth Avenue & West 14th Street

Through Mar 1

This open-air group exhibition on the scenic High Line explores the relationship between man and nature, looking at how the boundaries between the natural world and culture are defined, crossed, and obliterated. We liked the circle of colorful creatures swallowing each other, the giant griffin sculpture, and he mysterious silver witch shoes (and the paletas from the La Newyorkina stand at 17th street).
See-saw and play music with your feet in the interactive La Deliciosa Show by Radamés “Juni” Figueroa on 30th Street.

Whiteout by Erwin Redl

Madison Square Park
Madison Avenue & 24th Street

Through Mar 25

Hundreds of suspended transparent white spheres, each embedded with a discrete, white LED light, gently sway with the wind one foot above the ground creating shummering patterns across the Madison Square lawn.

National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey

National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey
226 West 44th Street

Through Mar 30

Come face-to-face with (virtual) humpback whales and great white sharks, Humboldt squid and sea lions in an immersive experience that harnesses ground-breaking technology. Go on an underwater journey across the Pacific Ocean to interact with and encounter the ocean’s wonders and creatures.

Dale Chihuly, Rose Crystal Tower

Union Square
14th Street & Fourth Avenue

Through Oct 5

See a stunning 31-feet tall tower that looks like rose petals that is composed of Polyvitro crystals and steel, by acclaimed glass sculptor Dale Chihuly.

100 Gates Project

Lower East Side, East Harlem & Staten Island
See map for locations

Through Dec 31

The 100 Gates Project connects artists and merchants to create original murals on roll-down security gates on the Lower East Side, East Harlem & Staten Island, creating an open-air galleries that are open when your kids wake up too early and everything else is closed.

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