Mom/Baby Workouts

A few options for working out with your baby:


Fridays 11:30 am – 1 pm at Studio Maestro (48 West 68th Street) 2:15–3:45 pm at Three Little Birds (266 East 78th Street) $240/4 weeks, $480/8 weeks Weekly sessions of Fitmomease, a new fitness and nutrition support group for new moms with babies 0 – 6 months old, includes 45 minutes of fitness instruction led by a personal trainer specializing in pre- and post-natal fitness followed by 45 minutes of nutrition education led by a dietitian and nutritionist. Moms are encouraged to bring their babies. For more information email [email protected] More info on Fitmomease

Stroller Work-out Classes

These outdoor cardio and toning classes provide little interaction with your baby, but both of you get to enjoy the sights and happenings of beautiful Central Park (bring plenty of water and sunscreen). Watching moms stretch and do strengthening drills amuses some babies (as well as passing tourists). These classes are usually very social events with lots of opportunities to chat with other moms.


Central and Riverside Park, times and locations vary See online schedule or call1 800 Y STROLL $25 for a trial class, $95/4 classes, Unlimited class options available Around since 1995, this program offers a variety of cardio and toning classes with an emphasis on creating a community of moms. Email Lizzie at [email protected] for more info. More info on Strollercize

Strolla’ Mammas

Monday, Wednesday & Friday 10:30 – 11:30 am Meet by Delacorte Theatre by the Great Lawn @ 10:20AM (enter at West 81st Street or East 79th street) $10/class Jogging and drills with your stroller in Central Park. Sort of like high-school track. Happens in any weather. Email Brian at [email protected] to confirm times and locations.

Stroller Strides

Monday & Thursday 10:30 – 11:30 am North Part of the Great Lawn in Central Park (enter at 85th/86th Street) $10/class, buy 4 get 1 free Power walking with the stroller interspersed with intervals of strength and body toning exercises More info on Stroller Strides

Moms of Steel

Daily 9:15 am Locations throughout Central Park $30/class, first class free Cardio, toning, strength and flexibility training in the park. More info on Moms of Steel

Postnatal Yoga/Mommy & Me Yoga at the Prenatal Yoga Center

251 West 72nd Street & and other locations $25/$22 for drop-in classes; less for packages The Mommy & Me Yoga is more interactive than the Postnatal Yoga. Some holding and swinging the baby, plus singing and finger-play. The baby is on the ground a lot while the parent does yoga and the class tends to be crowded, so best for pre-mobile infants who don’t scoot or roll too much. Not a very intense work-out, but good for starting to get back in shape or when you need some relaxation and re-energizing. More info on the Prenatal Yoga Center

JCC Manhattan Postnatal Classes

334 Amsterdam Ave @ 76th Street Prices and schedule vary by class The JCC offers a range of prenatal and postnatal classes including pilates cardio stroller classes in Central Park and Mother and Baby Pilates. Lots of mom rave about the “Mommy and Baby Bootcamp” led by Joanna Paterson. Classes must be purchases as series; no drop-ins. More info JCC Manhattan Postnatal Classes
For kids six months and older, Reebok Sports Club ( Columbus & 67th Street) has a fantastic, fleixble daycare program ($10/hour peak, $7/hour off-peak) though the available hours are limited. We’ve also heard great things about childcare at Equinox gyms and the JCC. Share your favorite work-out class (or thoughts on any of these) by leaving a comment below or by emailing [email protected]