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Hall of Ocean Life

American Museum of Natural History

NYC kids are the envy of world-wide lovers of dinosaurs, sea creatures, outer space and Ben Stiller for their access to this giant (45 fascinating halls) treasure trove of wonders . The museum’s extensive collection is matched by an array of programs for budding explorers.

* Strollers can roll in at the Rose Center for Earth and Space entrance (81st Street between Columbus & Central Park West) or on Columbus at 79th Street. The Central Park entrance usually has the longest lines – but also really cool dinosaur fossils.

* Buy tickets online to avoid line (or become a member, a great value with lots of perks at $125+)

* Elevators are large but slow and crowded. Most bathrooms have changing tables.

* This popular spot can get crazy crowded. Avoid on holidays, winter break, rainy Sundays, etc, though you can always find a peaceful nook somewhere on the second or third floors.

* Focus your explorations by following one of the popular tour itineraries. On warm days frolic in the fountains on the mezzanine above the Planetarium on 81st Street.

West 81st Street & Central Park West
New York, NY

Daily 10 am - 5:45 pm

Suggested $22/ages 12-65, $12.50/ages 2-12, $17/students & seniors free/ages 2 & under

Hall of Ocean Life

A 94-foot-long blue whale hangs over an assortment of sea creatures in this giant hall, lit to evoke being underwater. See dioramas of the ocean’s diverse and complex web of life including coral reefs, giant squid and awesome bioluminescent swimmers. Lots to touch, tons of info, and a movie on…

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The Rose Center for Earth and Space

Explore the vast range of sizes in the cosmos, the 13-billion-year history of the universe, the nature of galaxies, stars, and planets, and the dynamic features of planet Earth. Find your weight on different planets, touch an actual meteorite, learn about all sorts of stars, walk along a ramp showing…

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Oceans: Our Blue Planet

Meet fascinating creatures in the largest and least understood habitat on earth. Explore the coastal shallows to deeper, more mysterious worlds with  stunning 3D footage of clever dolphins, cunning octopus, resourceful tusk fish and more biological wonders. Buy tickets in advance at the admissions desk. 2D screenings also available.

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Origami Holiday Tree

Over 800 intricate origami creations decorate this unique tree. This year’s paper ornaments are inspired by special exhibition T. rex: The Ultimate Predator.Patient volunteers (who started folding for the tree in July) are on hand to teach visitors of all ages the art of origami folding. Also check out the…

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