History/Social Studies

In these historic times, learn from the past and diverse cultures.

Also see our Black Culture and World Music guides plus our ultimate guide to Hamilton for kids. And NYPL has a great election reading list for kids & grown-ups


Watch short, well-written animated films on a variety of topics including antiracism & Black history, STEM, arts, math and much more starring a very funny robot. Take quizzes and play games to test what you learned. Two editions, for ages K-3 or 4th -12th Grade (which can thoughtfully address some weighty topics, so monitor…

New-York Historical Society Online

This fascinating historic  museum (now partially open for visits) hosts engaging live educational programs for all ages, audio and video resources (including the inspirational We Rise) and interactive 360 degree tours drawing on its world-renowned collections. Excellent educator resources including videos,  remote lesson plans, and media-rich curriculum website Women…


Learn about a range of subjects for grades K-12 though catchy, educational hip-hop songs. Watch videos about math, history, science and more, learn new words, take quizzes then (this is the coolest part) write short raps/songs using your new words and knowledge.


Find online courses for pre-K to sixth grade+ with four separate learning experiences, each built around a  meaningful story or video.

Subjects include social studies; English language arts; STEM; science; and social-emotional learning.

Museum at Eldridge Street Learning From Home

Find easily adaptable lesson plans, writing prompts, art activities, storytime videos, vintage photos and more history and culture inspired by an 1887 Lower East Side synagogue and its stories of Jewish immigrant life, architecture and historic preservation.

Kennedy Center Education

Explore music, dance, theater, opera, visual and media arts through informative and engaging Kennedy Center Education interactive lessons with music videos. Learn about African-American History,  US President’s Favorite Music, all sorts of dance, popular American songs and more.

Designed for grades K-12.

Time for Kids

Read engaging articles on science, current events, money and more in  TIME for Kids weekly magazines in a digital library, temporarily free for all. Also find teaching materials with links to printable PDFS, quizzes, suggested activities and videos.

For grades K-8.

The Past & The Curious

Learn that history can be amazing, inspiring and relevant to anyone in a podcast featuring stories of Spies, funny foods, George Washington’s foibles, early advancements in cartooning and ballooning and much more. A professional…

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

Learn about extraordinary, inspiring women women in a podcast based on global best-selling book series Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls (a great purchase for all ages). Features famous leaders like Harriet Tubman and RBG as well as lesser known heroes from around the world.

Schoolhouse Rock

Learn about multiplication tables, grammar, science, American history, computers, economics, environmentalism and more with short music videos created from 1973-2009. Clever lyrics, catching tunes and amusing animations introduce concepts  from conjunctions to women’s suffrage  to the electoral college .

Available on Amazon & Disney Plus (plus some on YouTube).…

EduHam at Home Online History School

Take free courses for middle and high school students trough Gilder Lehrman, the American History partner with the Hamilton musical for EduHam at home. Each course includes online presentations, hosted live on Zoom, exploring topics such as the history of voting rights, American film and music, and early American history.

Online Elementary History School

Take free courses for grades 3-5 students trough Gilder Lehrman, the American History partner with the Hamilton musical for EduHam at home. Each class—led by National History Teacher of the Year Mary Huffman and geared towards upper elementary students—provides immersive, entertaining, and hands-on opportunity to explore US history.

History @ Home Guest Star Seminar: Benjamin Franklin House

Held in partnership with Benjamin Franklin House in London, this special session will introduce students to the many different faces of Benjamin Franklin. By examining the New York Historical Society’s collection of artifacts portraying this Founding Father, students will learn to interpret symbols in works of art before creating symbolic portraits of their own. Bring…

Ida’s Tunes

Join a special virtual music program with singer/songwriter Ida Metsberg. Ongoing at Scandinavia House, Ida’s Tunes presents interactive monthly musical sessions of beloved songs for children performed in English, Swedish, and Finnish. In a special online event, she performs a medley of Children’s Center favorites. Viewers can make song requests in the chat or by…

Broadway’s Hamilton on Disney+

A film of the Tony/Grammy/Pulitzer Prize winning hip-hop musical phenomenon debuts on Disney+. See our thorough guide to Hamilton for Kids for details.

Celebrate July 4th @ Home

Celebrate Independence Day with the New-York Historical Society and reflect on the many meanings of the holiday. Online programming for all ages includes a speech by Frederick Douglass delivered by historical interpreter Joel Cook, a deep dive into Jackie Robinson’s legacy of activism with the Jackie Robinson Museum, inspiration for at-home activities and sing-alongs that…

Sea Chanteys and Maritime Music

South Street Seaport Museum’s monthly Sea Chanteys and Maritime Music continues virtually, featuring The Star-Spangled Banner for Independence Day. Join a round-robin of shared sea songs, featuring members of The New York Packet and friends. Listen in, lead or request a song, and belt out the choruses for your neighbors to hear. Hosted by singers…

Building a Community – How Can We Make a Difference?

Join the Tenement Museum online to explore the role of community in creating change, through the story of the Saez-Velez family, a Puerto Rican family who lived on the Lower East Side for fifty years. Beginning with their arrival in New York in the 1950s,  see how different generations of the Saez-Velez family built community…

New York Transit Museum Virtual Camp: Documenting The NYC Subway

Join the Transit Museum for a week of virtual summer fun and explore the stories that photographs can tell about public transit and New York City.  Check out the Museum’s platform and vintage train cars, dive into stories about important historical figures, examine photographs from the Museum’s collections, and make art and science projects from…

Family Legacy Camp

Make a memento your family will treasure for years to come. In a 3-day online camp, Vita Story Club and Empowering the Ages creatively engage older and younger members of families in meaningful conversation and story-telling, both within your own family and in a small group. Assemble a digital family collage from the audio stories…

Interactive Family Event: Meet Victoria Confino

Virtually visit to the Tenement Museum at 97 Orchard Street to interact face-to-face with a former resident. Journey back in time to 1916 and learn from an actor playing Victoria Confino, a real 14-year-old girl who immigrated to the United States in 1913. Victoria will show us her home, and share stories of her daily…

Camp History @ Home: Women March

Join New-York Historical Society via Zoom to explore the exhibition Women March and be inspired by Vashti Harrison’s celebrated book Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History. Explore the power of collective action both before and after the historic 1920 ratification of the 19th Amendment, which granted some women the right to vote,…

Greeking Out

Hear kid-friendly retelling of classic ancient Greek myths as featured in the Nat Geo Kids book Zeus the Mighty. Zippy and fun retellings with all the inappropriate parts glossed over.

Meet Author Vashti Harrison

Meet author Vashti Harrison and discuss her celebrated book Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History, a captivating collection of profiles that showcase women from the worlds of activism, arts, journalism, sports, politics, and more. Rediscover women you’ve learned about before—like Rosa Parks—and explore the lives of women whose stories need to be sung,…

Varsity Tutors Online Classes

Take free live K-12 online classes in a variety of subjects such as “Intro to Spanish for Kids”, “Coolest Women in History”, “Java Programming Basics”, and “The Story of Your Favorite Fairy Tales”. Choose from daily classes and week-long half-day summer camps in subjects like foreign languages, chess, theater, coding, Minecraft, how to be a…

Hamilton Cast Read Alongs

Former Hamilton cast members read award-winning children’s books along with a discussion of the history behind the story led by Illinois History Teacher of the Year Keisha Rembert.

Intrepid Online Family Programs: Spooky Space

Witches, spiders and ghosts…in space! Find out which eerie creatures lurk in the night sky as Intrepid Museum Educator explore the astronomical origins of Halloween and share a few haunting tales of unexplained phenomena as witnessed by astronauts.