Voice of My City: Jerome Robbins and New York

Thursday, October 11–Saturday, March 30
10:30 am–6:00 pm
New York Public Library for the Performing Arts
40 Lincoln Center Plaza
Upper West Side


Explore choreographer Jerome Robbins’ life and dances alongside the history of New York, his muse and home. In diaries, drawings, watercolors, paintings, story scenarios, poems—and, especially, in dance—Robbins reimagined the world around him, especially New York where he was born one-hundred years ago and where he lived his entire adult life. From Fancy Free—his breakout hit ballet in 1944—to the musical West Side Story on stage (1957) and screen (1961) and the ballets N.Y. Export: Opus Jazz (1958) and Glass Pieces (1983), Robbins explored the joys, struggles, grooves, routines, and aspirations of New York.


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