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Suggested Ages: 4 to 12


Practice math with fun graphics and a silly hippo captain. Complete digital problem sets and play engaging games to earn coins that can be redeemed for virtual pets and backgrounds. Personalized daily learning paths and adaptive, gradual skill progression keep kids learning but not frustrated. Limited instruction but great for daily practice with over 400 curriculum-aligned math skills. Available on desktop, ipad & iphone.

For preschool to 5th grade. Free trials available.

Word Patterns: Pinwheels, Tessellations, and Ambigrams

Find out what calligraphy and logo design have to do with geometry and mathematical patterns with mathematical artist and puzzle designer Scott Kim. In this highly participatory online event, make…

[NORY] Virtual Playdate

Play and socialize with friends in a remote robot competition. Control robots inside the NORY Lab and engage friends in games of robot soccer and battle bots. All matches will…

NYC Math Festival 2020 – Online

MoMath’s NYC-based festival goes online, providing a full schedule of engaging mini-sessions all day long accessible to everyone around the world. Join some of MoMath’s most popular presenters for a…

MoMath Transformations

Experience the richness of mathematics with America’s only museum dedicated to math. Explore cool areas of mathematics not covered in school through interactive (online) education sessions, creative projects, and supervised…