Rubin Family Sundays: Inner Voyages

Sunday, July 8
1:00 pm–4:00 pm
Rubin Museum of Art
150 West 17 Street


Get inspired by artists Ghiora Aharoni and Arthur Liou, whose video artworks at the Rubin depict their long pilgrimages riding on rickshaws and walking 21,000 feet up Mount Kailash. Envision a person, place, or time you would like to visit and map the journey you would take to get there. Design a map both colorful and layered that symbolizes your inner voyage.

* Try seasonal specialties inspired by the Himalayas, including Thali plates and handmade traditional momo dumplings in peaceful Cafe Serai in the lobby. Kids menu available. Or get half pound or frosted/sprinkled cookies at nearby Citycakes Bakery.

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