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Ralph McDaniels’ Hip Hop in the Park

Ralph McDaniels’ Hip Hop in the Park

July 13 @ 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Socrates Sculpture Park

32-01 Vernon Boulevard Queens


Socrates partners with pioneering VJ/DJ Ralph McDaniels, founder and host of Video Music Box and Hip Hop Coordinator at the Queens Library, to celebrate the impact and positive evolution of hip hop culture. Join us for a community-oriented day of DJs and emceeing, dance performances, art-making, and local legends.

Las Palabras son Muros [Pavilion for Astoria]

In a collectively authored dynamic sculptural “book” project by artist Rafael Domenech, scaffolding and construction mesh, provisional materials emblematic of the changing urban landscape, comprise the two semicircular towers of an outdoor piece. The mesh “pages” hanging from the scaffolding feature graphically dynamic laser-cut texts that rotate throughout the exhibition.

Chronos Cosmos: Deep Time, Open Space

This magical multi-artist installation transforms Socrates Sculpture Park into a gateway to the universe, presenting artworks that consider space, time, and matter in relationship to celestial entities and earth-bound processes. In the open-air environment of the Long Island City waterfront park, works of varying scale put the universe in context, creating connection points to space and time

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