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Pajama Program

Children lying on backs with legs in the air

Suggested Ages: All, Adult Friendly


Help kids in need have a loving bedtime and restful good night by collecting new pajamas and/or books to donate. Here’s info on starting a drive.

A great solution for birthday or holiday presents for the kid who already has too much. Party guests still get to shop and have something fun to bring to the party, and the receiver cam enjoy looking at the cute nightwear and fun books before donating.


Learn about a range of subjects for grades K-12 though catchy, educational hip-hop songs. Watch videos about math, history, science and more, learn new words, take quizzes then (this is the coolest part) write short raps/songs using your new words and knowledge.

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Explore just about any interest from math to Minecraft to piano with passionate teachers over live video chat. Choose from over 15,000+ classes including Harry Potter and Star Wars-themed explorations of explore history, art, science and more.

Format include one-time drop-ins, weekly camps and semester classes.

For ages 3-18.

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Living History @ Home: Oh Fudge! Vassar College Students and Chocolate

Join New-York Historical Society and learn how in the early 1900s, Vassar College students, all women, would make fudge in their dorm rooms as an act of rebellion against strict social norms. Find out how this tasty treat came to be representative of women and rebellion on women’s college campuses across America.  Then follow…

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Family Fridays at MoMath: Math, rhythmic patterns, and optical traces

Join Grammy award–winning percussionist Will Calhoun for an evening of interactive rhythm, movement, and art. Playing off his inventive artwork (now on display in Composite, the gallery at MoMath), families will first observe the mathematical patterns of independence created using light-up drumsticks, then make their own complex patterns, keeping the rhythmic beat as the streaks…

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