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Mycological Society Walk


Nov 2, 2019 @ 10:00 am1:00 pm

Randall’s Island


Suggested Ages: 4-5 to 15-18

Walk and hunt for fungi in all its many forms with folks from the New York Mycological Society. Learn how to find and identify these mystifying organisms, as well as their essential role in the ecosystem for plant growth, breaking down dead material, and their potential for cleaning up many types of environmental problems.


Columbus Day Parade

This annual festive parade celebrates the spirit of exploration and courage that inspired Christopher Columbus’s 1492 expedition to America and and the important contributions of Italian-Americans and other immigrants.

The floats and bands set sail up Fifth Avenue from 44th to 72nd Street. Over a dozen high school bands, as well as virtuosi professional groups from…

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Billy Johnson Playground

This rustic playground hosts an amazing 45-foot granite slide nestled into a rocky hill, bucket and tire swings, and an amphitheater and miniature stone bridge made of natural materials like plants, stone, and wood at a child’s scale.

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