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Lou Reed: Caught Between the Twisted Stars

Installation view of Lou Reed: Caught Between the Twisted Stars

Oct 11, 2022 @ 10:30 amMar 6, 2023 @ 6:00 pm

Lincoln Center
65th Street & Broadway
New York, NY

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Suggested Ages: All, Adult Friendly

Explore the life and work of the icon whose profound influence—musically, visually, and culturally—still affects a range of artists and writers today.

The exhibition, named after a lyric from “Romeo Had Juliette” from Reed’s solo album, New York, presents previously unseen and unheard work of a prolific and uncompromising artist—songwriter, musician, performer, poet, photographer, and tai chi practitioner. The story is told through the voices, images, and music of Reed’s music projects; through his performances and theatre works; the articles, books, and poems that he authored; his own photography; and his personal tai chi studies.

Experience the full range of Reed’s technologically ambitious discography in the original intended format in the Lou Reed Listening Room.  Enter  Metal Machine Trio: The Creation of the Universe, Lou Reed’s first and only sound art installation, recorded live at New York’s Blender Theatre in 2009 with musicians John Zorn, Ulrich Krieger, and Sarth Calhoun. Twelve loudspeakers in an ambisonic (or full sphere surround sound) arrangement to create a fully immersive 3-D sound environment. Other selections from Reed’s audio and video collections are featured daily in the gallery.

The exhibition will highlight various aspects of the archive including excitingwards presented to TOFT through the years, and images of its founder, staff, and video crews who have worked over the past 50 years to create the collection it is today. As the TOFT Archive marks its 50th anniversary, it is more determined than ever to fulfill its mission to nurture talent, inspire creativity, encourage participation in the theatre and the performing arts, and preserve a vital cultural heritage for future generations.

Also see excerpts from its unparalleled video collection and rare photographs of the creatives behind some of these memorable productions  in Focus Center Stage: 50 Years of the Theatre on Film and Tape Archive, celebrating  the foremost archive of live theatre performances in the world with a collection over 5,000 plays, musicals, classics, experimental and avant-garde productions, and an additional 3,000 videos of interviews, dialogues, film and television adaptations, award presentations, and other theatre-related programs.

Tuesday-Saturday 10:30-6 pm