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Richard Rodgers Theater
226 W 46th Street
New York, NY

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Suggested Ages: 9 to 14+, Adult Friendly

This Tony/Grammy/Pulitzer Prize winning hip-hop musical phenomenon lives up to the hype – and is a great way to get the young, scrappy and hungry who can sit still for almost 3 (action-packed) hours, excited about US history. See our tips and resources for learning more about the moment and movement.

⏱ 2 hours and 45 minutes with one intermission
🤬  There are two and a half F* words and some vulgar words for poop  in the show. Bastard & whore are used the true meaning of the words (son of an unmarried woman/unmarried woman who has a son).
❤️ An extramarital affair is referenced; nothing graphic, just some clothed making out and sultry singing. The cast is in their underwear for much of the show, but it is Colonial underwear so not much skin.
💥 This show is loud with lots of fast rapping –  a few characters die by gunshot, a mimed hanging, neck breaking and general battlefield chaos. It gets very sad & and bit slow for a few songs in the second act.
⚠️ Your kid may get totally obsessed with the Revolutionary War and want you to take them to far-flung reenactments. We love this costume.
🚽 The intermission bathroom lines gets very, very long; run there right when ACT 1 ends or you might end up missing some of the second act.

🎟 Ticket prices range dramatically between different dates. Tuesday nights & Wednesday matinees are usually the cheapest.
🎟 If you’re flexible, check gametime.com and other ticketing apps for last minute deals.
🎟 Enter the digital lottery for $10 tickets the week before you want to see the show. Seats are usually in the front row.

📖 Self-published by a mother of young fans, the accessible A Kid’s Guide to Hamilton the Musical book  provides a  song-by-song breakdown of the music, ideas and history. Pick up biography for young readers Alexander Hamilton: The Outsider or one of the many other books on the era for a historical overview.