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Closing Reception for “Hard Return: 9 Experiments for this Moment”

Closing Reception for Hard Return- 9 Experiments for this Moment

May 6 @ 2:00 pm7:00 pm

Neuberger Museum of Art

735 Anderson Hill Road
Purchase NY

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Suggested Ages: All

Wed–Sun 12 pm–5 pm

Celebrate the nine performance works that were part of Hard Return: 9 Experiments for this Moment.  Artist Jesus Benavente invites attendees to join as performers in a dance party that will fill the gallery with colorful flashing lights, balloons, and music.

While visitors dance, have fun, and enjoy themselves, they become aware that the festive sights and sounds of the party resemble the sights and sounds of policing—flashing lights, popping, and music with lyrics like “Get Down” and “Hands in the Air.” This party creates awareness of how traditional party elements can call to mind themes of danger, safety, and the carceral state. This appropriation offers a space for both light-hearted escapism and sincere reflection.