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Central Park Cherry Blossoms

ng Okame cherry blossom trees

Central Park



Suggested Ages: All, Adult Friendly

Ranging from deep magenta to pale pink to crisp white, Central Park’s cherry trees are a must-see in spring. Their blossoms are beautiful, but these flowers are fleeting—and with this year’s warm winter, they’re blooming much earlier than usual.

Use this interactive map to track in real-time where the cherry blossoms have peaked in the Park – different varieties blossom at different times. Currently an impressive collection of Higan cherry trees with slightly transparent white-to-pink flowers are blooming at the southwest corner of the Great Lawn.

Prehistoric Central Park

Take a trip back in time with the Urban Park Rangers. Hike through Central Park discussing the lay of the land in prehistoric times. Learn more about which prehistoric species may have been found in this area during different time periods.

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Billy Johnson Playground

This rustic playground hosts an amazing 45-foot granite slide nestled into a rocky hill, bucket and tire swings, and an amphitheater and miniature stone bridge made of natural materials like plants, stone, and wood at a child’s scale.

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