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Bernice Magalnick Children’s Theatre Festival

2nd Annual Bernice Magalnick Children’s Theatre Festival

Oct 12, 2019 @ 11:00 am3:00 pm

Pearl Studios


Suggested Ages: 4-5 to Adult Friendly, Adult Friendly

See readings of three new family-friendly musicals appropriate for ages 4 and up. In Seven Princesses the Musical, based on an original children’s storybook, Princess Gracie from Antarctica discovers hosting a flower party for her six princess friends from other continents can lead to a few challenges and an eye-opening lesson about diversity and friendship. The President’s New Suit, a hysterical retelling of The Emperor’s New Clothes features an absent-minded president who spends the country’s budget on new suits. I See… I See…, based on a Greek folktale, is a “nutty” musical about an apple farmer, Almondseed, and his daughter, Almondella, who travel to see the king and use magical powers to see the future. These readings do not include costumes or props, just songs and words.