Best Convertible Car Seats

Once your little chunker outgrows his infant car seat (or if you’re not going to be in cars much and want just one seat for the baby and toddler years), you need a convertible car seat. Our recommendations for city kids:

Combi Coccoro

The Combi Coccoro Convertible Car Seat has high safety ratings, and at 11 lbs it’s as light and compact as a car seat can be. Tots can use it rear facing (the safest position) until they hit 33 lbs, then forward facing until 40 lbs.

The biggest bonus for NYC families is the coordinating Combi Coccoro Flash Stroller Frame, which is light and folds up easily and compactly. It’s not the sturdiest stroller for everyday use, but ideal for taxi and plane rides. The Coccoro car seat can be attached and unattached from the stroller quickly at the airport or on the curb and, with practice, installed in a taxi in under a minute (just tell the driver to start the meter and keep the door open so he won’t drive away until everyone’s buckled in – more taxi tips here). This comfy seat comes in an assortment of fun colors and the design is sleek (which unfortunately means no sunshade or carrying handle).

Britax Roundabout 55

If you have your own car where the seat will remain, the Britax Roundabout 55 is very safe, comfortable, easy to adjust and install, yet still relatively lightweight and small enough for compact cars. But no coordinating stroller frame makes it not so great for taxis and planes.
Remember the middle of the back seat is the safest spot for the car seat, and a grown-up without a seatbelt can be a huge danger, so everyone buckle up.

* Thanks to baby planner and car seat installer Sae La Chin of SayBayBee for her advice. Many car seats are installed incorrectly and unsafely, so consider hiring Sae La or another professional to show you how to secure that sucker.