Kid On The Town is a carefully curated guide to family-friendly culture in NYC based on the experiences of real families. We feature:

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* weekend agendas

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* family-friendly museums

* theater and dance performances

* special storytimes

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NYC is an expensive place to live so to help you out:

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Our goal is to help all families get the most out of living in this fabulous city.

usWhen I became a Manhattan mom 8+ years ago, I was terrified that my always interesting NYC days as a dancer/actress/director/computer programmer/weird-survivial-job-gigger were going to become super boring with nothing but endless playground time and poopy diaper changes. While there’s been plenty of poop, to my pleasant surprise this magical city became even more fascinating once I started exploring it with my son. Guilty pleasures like visiting museums, long walks in Central Park, catching esoteric concerts, and sampling delicious treats are now part of my job. While some kiddie activities were ha and way overpriced, others were fabulous and free (or at least reasonable with the help of great deals). And lots of events designed for grown-ups are actually remarkably kid-friendly with some preparation and creativity.

I started emailing friends about events, local deals and tips to friends, then decided to organize the info on a website so I wouldn’t clog inboxes. My friends shared the site with other parents and our community grew (as did our family with the arrival of a little girl in May 2012). While originally focused our home neighborhood (the Upper West Side), we now cover all of NYC and some of Westchester.

Please contact us or email [email protected] for collaborations. And we love feedback/requests from our readers.